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telescopic conveyor

Techno Power Engineering is a market leading manufacturer and exporter of telescopic conveyor/ boom conveyors, vital for truck loading and unloading both in the warehouse and any place where goods need to be moved rapidly and efficiently.

A company dedicated to continuosly developing and improving it's products and services, Techno Power Engineering have the expertise and experience to satisfy customers needs in today's demanding environment, worldwide.


belt conveyor

  • We offered both type of belt conveyor open type and closed type.
  • Belt conveyor is using for transfer the material powder, grain or lumps types of material.
  • Conveyor belt in two, three or four ply in rubber material (M- 24 grade)
  • Travel idler made in 3 piece (Trough type) amps; Return idler made in single piece, Head pulley amp; Tail pulley made from Seamless pipe, Main Structure made out from ISMC Steel section.
  • Top amp; bottom Cover Provide as an optional
  • We offered belt in Rubber Material food grade material or as per properly match with client application.
  • Capacity Range:- Up to 1000 TPH with Customized desing.


Screw conveyor

We are the manufacturer of Screw conveyor. Our screw conveyor systems keep materials moving or mixed regardless of the demands of your material. The fabrication S.S or M.S Material of the troughs is carried out on machines that guarantee perfectly smooth surfaces due to which material residue is reduced to the minimum.

  • Trough drop bottom
  • Double pitch flight in outlet zone
  • Intermediate slide bearings
  • Intermediate hanger bearings with splined shaft


Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are great for handling heavy product with smooth bottom or on pallets. Roller conveyor used for warehouse operations that handle steel or structural shapes and using pallets or skids. This is a very versatile conveyor for package handling, accumulation, and automobile tire handling systems. Roller conveyor will handle large castings, forgings, parts with flat or smooth bottoms, and pallet transfer systems.


Drag Chain Conveyor

In this category we have covered a wide range of conveyors applicable in various industries and all utilizing chains as the driving elements which are Slat Conveyors, Overhead Chain Conveyors, Flight Conveyors (Scraper Conveyors), Drag Chain Conveyors, Wire mesh Conveyors, Redler Conveyors, Single and double Chain Conveyors for coal mines, Deep Bucket Conveyors & Apron Conveyors. A variety of special purpose chain conveyors are also manufactured to suit individual require Chains used on above conveyors vary in type. For instance, a slat conveyor uses pin & bush type with rollers, an overhead chain conveyor incorporates a special detachable chain assembly mints.

  • Suitable for conveying material over short to medium distances
  • Can carrying abrasive, moderately abrasive and non-abrasive items.
  • Designed to pull materials like briquettes, agro fuels, coal, woodchips, lime, etc.
  • Can convey materials horizontally or on inclines up to 50 degrees
  • Ideal conveying mechanism when a change in elevation is required on inclined conveying
  • Robust and Sturdy Design
  • Available in single or double chain
  • Available in capacities up to 300 TPH
  • Capable of moving material with speeds up to 25 feet per minute
  • Capable to achieve inclinations up to 50 degree
  • Occupies minimum space thereby optimizing space utilization
  • Wear resistant liners can be provided for handling abrasive materials


Stacker Conveyor

Extreme quality range of Stacker conveyors that we offer is available in different specifications. We offer these Stacker conveyors as per the requirement of our clients. We do customization of these Stacker Conveyors as per client's specification. These Stacker Conveyors are widely appreciated for high tensile strength, easy movement and durability.


Tripper Conveyor

Tripper Conveyor from roll well are uniquely designed and manufactured for various belt widths and applications. Our plant is equipped with special test beds to undertake. Complete assembly and trail run for the tripper assembly. The unique design ensures minimum erection time and integration with the belt conveyor. As in other conveyors, idlers, pulleys, and all fabrication work is in house which ensures a quality product at most reasonable cost.


High Angle Belt conveyor

Our range of High ngle belt conveyor is an effective bulk handling equipment based onbucket belt type technology. Suitable for handling a variety of materials, these belt conveyor consists of Tail pulley, Head pulley, press rolls and Snub pulley. These part effectively drive the conveyor and carry the materials through idler, Impact idlers and carrying stub rollers. The entire components are supported by rigid and rugged structures. The drive, generally mounted on head pulley, consist of Gearbox, motor, Couplings and holdback. Some of the features of these steep angle belt conveyors are:
  • Economical and practical
  • The maximum inclination of 90 degree is possible without any spillage
  • Applicable for short distance to a height of 100 meters
  • Capacity : up to 1000 TPH


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